The Crew

…Head Brewer.

I’m Jackie (Q) Cullen, owner, brewer, and friend to all who enter the underworld. Every beer is my favorite beer and if you talk to me enough I’ll start spilling every secret of the brewery.

Hi I’m Desiree, sole heiress of River Styx. Catch me at the bar with a stout or the fruitiest non-beer we have. I am our in house loud mouth and you’ll never find me too far from a deck of cards or Galaga. And no, I don’t want to be your girlfriend.

I’m Trevor, assistant brewer, lover of all beer. I coined the nickname Fall Down Jackie Brown, and yes call her that from now on. The Bucs over the Pats any day. Come at me.

I’m Aimy aka “Auntie”, I’m proud of my sister and brother-in law for making their dream come true! I’m a people person with a bubbly personality. I mostly hate beer unless it is RSB! #riverstyxbrewingisthebestbreweryintheworld #whycan’ttheyopenabreweryinhawaii #onlydidhashtagsbecauseiknowscotthatesthem

Hi I’m Ryan, your sweet sweet bartender boy with thick rimmed glasses. I am your local bartender, artist, River Styx can designer and big nerd. So get out your D20 and let’s roll initiative to see which beer you’ll be served.

Hi I’m Frank Gallagher, and yes I’ve heard of the show Shameless. Eating, sleeping and drawing is pretty much all I do.

My name is Ian, and I would like to take a moment to thank Charon for safe  passage along The River Styx. The underworld of Brewing and Fermentation is an exciting and educational experience that is to die for! I Like Organic Permaculture, Concerts, Disc Golf, and I like jokes both good or bad. So show me what you’ve got, and remember meow, that the Dude Abides!

Hey I’m Julia and this is my puppy, Lola. I love fashion, manicures, and rap music. Come have a beer and talk with me about your favorite video games!

Hi guys I’m Luke, but you all can call me night hawk. I enjoy long walks on the beach and eating fat burritos. I like chocolate chips in my pancakes, and I still can’t believe it’s not butter. I’ve been told that my singing is a mixture of Fergie and Jesus, so catch my pipe while pouring ya beeahhh kehd.

Hi I’m Tyler. I was born and raised on the River Styx. I’m a designer who loves food, beer, and traveling (mostly to discover new food and beer).

Hi I’m Zach, I don’t like the beach. I like beer a lot. Holly and I are great at trivia. And my dogs are my best friends.

Hi I’m Jeff Aubuchon, a local artist who proudly showcases my art at River Styx Brewery.  I am into oil painting, drawing, playing guitar and being creative.  I would like to thank Scott and Jackie for the opportunity to have my work displayed.  So come down to River Styx and have a beer and check out my art along with work from other amazing artist.

Yo I’m Monique, and I’m so excited to be dwelling in the Underworld! I enjoy stuff like eating, drawing and staying up till’ 6am to play board games. It’s hard being competitive when you stink at a game but watch me.