Food Menu

Please inform us of any food allergies – some beers have dairy, wheat, or nuts!

Popcorn – PREPARED ON-SITE $1 for individual size

Eastern Standard Hot Pretzel – served with Mustard and our Beer Hot Sauce called Hades Sherbet created in collaboration with Raging Masshole Hot Sauce, Norton, MA –PREPARED ON-SITE $6 – Extra Collab Mustard $1 (2oz)

Smith’s Country Cheese and Crackers – SOLD OUT!

Deep River Chips – Original, Sweet Maui Onion, BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion, Spicy Dill, Salt and Vinegar (flavors may vary) $1

Union Coffee Cold Brew 12oz  $5

Polar – Orange Dry, Diet Orange Dry, Various Craft Flavors (ask server) $1

We encourage you to order from on-site and local food vendors. Please include your table number when ordering.