PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING – per the governor of Massachusetts, in order to be served alcohol on site, each person must FIRST order a food item prepared on site.  Food trucks and catering counts or see our food menu below.  We cannot serve you beer until each person drinking beer first purchases food.  MASKS ARE REQUIRED IN ORDER TO BE SEATED.

Text (978)-252-3008

Include your table number in your beer order

    • We do not currently offer samples/flights
    • We will text a green check mark to acknowledge each order
    • Please use one phone to text all orders for your table
    • We can split the check for your table only at checkout
  • After all ordering is completed please text “I’m ready to checkout” We will reply when ready for you to come up and checkout at the Greeter station.
To Help Us Provide Excellent Service:
  • Please send separate text messages for to-go and onsite pours
  • Consider texting To-Go Orders in advance to give us some time to prepare.
  • Pouring crowlers takes longer to prepare than 4-pks
  • For merch orders, use this link: and select pickup.  Include your table number and we can deliver to your table.
*COVID-19 Regulations*
  • Please remain seated unless ordering food or using the restroom
  • Masks should be worn when not seated

Food Menu

Please inform us of any food allergies – some beers have dairy, wheat, or nuts!

Popcorn – PREPARED ON-SITE $1 for individual size

Eastern Standard Hot Pretzel – served with Mustard and our Beer Hot Sauce called Hades Sherbet created in collaboration with Raging Masshole Hot Sauce, Norton, MA –PREPARED ON-SITE $6 – Extra Collab Mustard $1 (2oz)

Smith’s Country Cheese and Crackers – SOLD OUT!

Deep River Chips – Original, Sweet Maui Onion, BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion, Spicy Dill, Salt and Vinegar (flavors may vary) $1

Union Coffee Cold Brew 12oz  $5

Polar – Orange Dry, Diet Orange Dry, Various Craft Flavors (ask server) $1

We encourage you to order from on-site and local food vendors. Please include your table number when ordering.