Dog Policy

(Per The Fitchburg Board of Health)

• No more than one (1) dog per customer.

• Dogs must be leashed at all times or kept in a closed animal carrier.

• Dogs may not jump, bark, or beg excessively.  If we receive a complaint we will ask the customer to calm the dog down and may ask them to leave.

• Dogs may not eat from the table or out of hand of an employee who is working behind the bar.

• Dogs may not sit on patron’s laps, tables, chairs, or other furnishings.

• The dog must be under the control of the guest at all times.

• Current registration tags must be displayed on the dog’s collar required by the Fitchburg Board of Health.

• If a dog disturbing other patrons, we will ask for immediate corrective action or they may be asked to leave.

• Dogs must sit as close to the owner or caregiver as possible.