Our Journey

Scott Cullen

Co-Owner and Head Brewer

Jackie Cullen

Co-Owner and Brewer

We started out about 10 years ago when we won a crowler from a local brewery and decided to check it out. We toured the brewery and that is when our love for craft beer was born.

We were brewing at home and traveling all over the country visiting breweries. We took many “beer-cations.” We decided we wanted to brew professionally someday so we would ask the brewers for advice. “What are the top 3 things you would tell someone who is starting a new brewery?” One brewer told us “Repeat your recipes.  Many home brewers try something new every time. You will learn a lot if you repeat the same recipe over and over.”

It was difficult to repeat our recipes on the stovetop. We just didn’t have the right equipment. At that time, our daughter was a junior in high school.  She was looking at colleges and it was pretty certain she would be moving out to live on campus somewhere away from home. Jackie was having empty nest syndrome so she decided to do something to preoccupy her mind. She began reading and researching about brewing equipment. We ordered parts in the mail and pieced them all together until our unfinished basement was converted into a brewery. It was small but it had a 240V PID and temperature controlled conical fermenters (this part is for the equipment geeks out there). We finally had the equipment we needed to repeat our recipes!

We needed to come up with a name for our brewery. While driving home one day the sun glistened off a street sign and it caught our eye. It was River Styx Road in Ashburnham. “Why don’t we name the brewery River Styx?” said Jackie. Scott responded “Yes! That will be the name.” We decided to use Greek mythology when naming our beers. We are both brewers so we use the names of Gods for Scott’s recipes and names of Goddesses for recipes Jackie creates.

We spent all our spare time brewing and developing 12 core recipes. We made adjustments, tweaking and dialing in the flavor profiles. We decided it was time to move forward with our dream so we searched the local area for facilities and found the perfect spot right here in Fitchburg, MA. We hope you come visit us and enjoy the beer we have crafted with a true passion for the products within. Cheers!