Cronus Lord of Time:

Stout – Russian Imperial

Husband of Rhea. He is an Imperial Stout with cinnamon, coffee, vanilla bean and Vermont maple syrup.

8.25% ABV

Hades Helm of Darkness:

Stout – Oatmeal

Hades, Ruler of the Underworld. Husband and Uncle of Persephone. He is an oatmeal stout with notes of coffee and aged on chili peppers. Hell of a kick!

7% ABV

Poseidon Double Trident: 

IPA – Imperial / Double

Father of Triton, Poseidon is a ruler of the sea. This juicy IPA is dangerously drinkable!

9% ABV

Tritons Trident:

IPA – American

Triton is the son of Poseidon and he is our Flagship IPA. Triton is hoppy and hazy. It is the first beer brewed by RSB and holds a dear place in our hearts. Ask us about how he got his name sometime.

7.5% ABV

Zeus King of Gods:

IPA – Imperial / Double

Father of Apollo. Tropical fruits and pineapple are abundant in this well balanced double IPA.

8.5% ABV

Apollo’s Arrow: 

IPA – American

Son of Zeus. This is a well-balanced approachable IPA.

7.1% ABV

House Of Persephone:

Pale Ale – International

Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and wife of Hades. She is a hop forward IPA with pomegranate and lots of smooth hop flavor that lingers.

7.5% ABV

Rhea Darkness:

Stout – Imperial / Double

Rhea Darkness is wife to Cronus. She is a roasty port barrel aged Russian Imperial double stout with notes of chocolate.

11% ABV


Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Phanes was the god of creation and generator of life. He was the first king of the universe who handed the royal sceptre over to his daughter Nyx (Night), who in turn handed it down to her son Oranos (Uranus) (Heaven). It was then seized by the Titan Kronos (Cronus), and afterwards by Zeus, the ultimate ruler of the cosmos.

Phanes is a collaboration anniversary brew created with all the passion and love of River Styx owners Scott and Jackie. This special saison has unique twists of flavor including pineapple weed and montmorency cherry.

5.5% ABV


Stout – Imperial / Double

Oːranós is the father of Cronus and Ruler of the Sky. This Imperial has a similar flavor profile to Cronus with a fuller mouthfeel and higher alcohol content.

11.5% ABV

Brother of Cora:

Pale Ale – International

Cora is the split personality of Persephone. He uses the same recipe and pomegranate but the hop schedule is adjusted for a balanced hop flavor.

7.5% ABV

Proteus Series:

Proteus could assume whatever shape he please, he came to be regarded by some as a symbol of the original matter from which the world was created.  The word protean, meaning “versatile”, “mutable”, “capable of assuming many forms” is derived from Proteus.

Our Proteus series represents our constant commitment to create beers that excite our customers.

Notos Greek God of Summer

Notos is a saison brewed with Wheat, Fresh Strawberries, and Basil, and conditioned with more Strawberries.

6% ABV